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 So we're launching some new shirts today! Two new designs, Baked In West Virginia and Friends of Coal Miners. Here's the excellent product photos, taken by the always amazing Andy Pickens.



Just a little bit about the designs...  

Baked In West Virginia was of course inspired by our unofficial state food, The Pepperoni Roll. It's just little tribute to that most wonderful of foods that has sustained me on many, many an occasion. We kind of take the pepperoni roll for granted here, not realizing what a treasure we have until we're at the beach somewhere, have a craving for a one, and realize that no one knows what the hell we're talking about. I'm also willing to be that your Grandmother makes some of the most amazing ones you've ever had. Love, love, love pepperoni rolls. The front design is just a delicious roll surrounded by heavenly light, with the word "Fresh" on a scroll underneath. There is nothing like a fresh pepperoni roll. (cue Homer Simpson drooling... pepperooooniiii roooolllsss...) The back design is a fresh roll coming out of the brick oven, into a mountain framed sunset. Surrounded by some key ingredients: Pepperoni, Peppers, and Cheese (of course this is debatable, and depends on where you're at, but I thought they warranted inclusion). There's some wheat popping out around the outside, and the indispensable rolling pin anchoring the whole thing. Baked in West Virginia, our love letter to the Pepperoni Roll. 

Friends of coal MINERS is of our tribute to the men that do one of the things West Virginia is most known for, coal mining. This is a bit of a response to the idea that it's coal that matters so much to us. Really, it's these workers that go down in the mines here in West Virginia that have been the foundation of our progress and one of our greatest resources. The industry itself comes in to our state, takes the coal from our hills, cashes in on it, and shuts down shop, taking their profits with them. The workers, meanwhile are left to move on and fend for themselves. It's the men that do this work that deserve our admiration and our respect, not the black rocks they dig out of the ground. There's a story that goes with the boy on the front of the shirt, and one that I think encapsulates what it means to decide to haul yourself under a mountain to provide for you and your family. You can read about him and other young miners here. We here at Made In West Virginia are most definitely friends of coal miners. 

So that's some of the thoughts that went into the new shirts. We hope you all like them as much as we do. One last thing to note is that these shirts are the first ones that we have partnered with local company SustainU to produce.  What does that mean?

Made in the USA, 100% Recycled.

That's right. These shirts are made in the USA out of 100% recycled material, and printed right here in West Virginia. All using the most sustainable, green practices possible. By using these shirts, we're committing to not only spreading the message of how great our home state is, but we're making a statement of our commitment to it's future be re-investing in local businesses that are using sustainable practices. On top of all that, they look and feel freaking amazing! Thanks everyone! 


Written by Brian Pickens — July 23, 2012

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