Made In West Virginia

West Virginia is unique in these United States for both it's rugged wild beauty, and the skewed perception that it's brothers and sisters throughout America have of her. As a proud West Virginian, I've always felt that I lack the proper representation on a visual level to accurately portray the way I feel about this particularly beautiful chunk of mountainous terra firma. Like most of my fellow mountaineers, I'm fiercely loyal and proud to the point of state-based hubris. I want something that represents the way I feel without taking on the tropes and worn out stereotypes that are so often associated with my beloved Wild and Wonderful. Our goal at Made In West Virginia is to do just that... Provide our fellow mountaineers, and our multitudes of ex-pats with a way of displaying our individualistic pride without involving the punchline of a joke or being followed up by the word "University". West Virginians live a rare life, full of trials and tribulations that are only outdone by our loves, laughter and lust for life in the gorgeous appalachian mountains. That's what it is to be Made in West Virginia.


Welcome to Made In West Virginia! We're an apparel company making specialty designs celebrating our homeland, West Virginia! We mean to represent WV in our own terms, a non-traditional, from-the-mountains-up celebration of our fierce pride and independent spirit, devoid of the tired stereotypes so often associated with our state.

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