Made In West Virginia

Made in West Virginia will be using USPS first class mail ($4.00) for any order of a single shirt. Any order of two to three shirts will be shipped via USPS priority mail ($7.00). Any order of 4-10 shirts will be using a USPS flat-rate priority box ($13). This is to try to keep costs down and keep us from going insane with complicated shipping options. Here's the breakdown in case you were wondering. It costs me $2.95 to send a single shirt, it costs me $5.15 to send up to three, and $11.35 to stick more than four in a box. You might be thinking "Hold on, you're sneaking a couple bucks in there on us..." but rest assured I'm just trying to make it even. You see, this whole operation is just little ol' me (Brian) and I'll be hand driving, packaging, and mailing all of your orders. The extra dollar or so is mostly for my gas expenses, as it's getting a bit pricey nowadays, and I'm driving a v8 Jeepster. I'll be making adjustments along the way and modify the policies to our mutual benefit if it is at all possible. Thank you for choosing Made In West Virginia.

We will ship out orders every Monday and Thursday! They should take 2-4 business days to arrive. 


                ~Brian P. 


Welcome to Made In West Virginia! We're an apparel company making specialty designs celebrating our homeland, West Virginia! We mean to represent WV in our own terms, a non-traditional, from-the-mountains-up celebration of our fierce pride and independent spirit, devoid of the tired stereotypes so often associated with our state.

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